Branding Design for I Like the Sound of That, an exhibition taking place at Artspace in New Haven, CT from May 13 – July 1, 2016. Curated by Ryan Frank.

"I Like the Sound of That is a group exhibition that combines works of visual art with recordings of specific sounds that artists listened to during the work’s creation. Each body of work will be paired with a soundscape specific to the studio environment in which the artwork originated, providing visitors with unorthodox information about the artist. The soundtracks will function much like artist statements, situating the viewer within a more autobiographical and personal context that highlights the studio as controlled work site. Rather than limit the listening experience to headphones, the exhibition will play the soundtracks on individual speakers, positioned throughout the gallery by collaborating Sound Designer Joel Abbott. Abbott will also record, cut and design the tracks to play an experimental and dramatic soundscape that will crescendo, break, and loop–a unique work unto itself. The piece will emphasize the conditions of a shared exhibition space and give way to a show that is equal parts sight and sound."